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Valid for year : 2017
TMQU13 Customer Focused Product and Service Development, 6 ECTS credits.
/Kundfokuserad produkt- och tjänsteutveckling/

For:   DPU   I   Ii   IND   M  


Prel. scheduled hours: 34
Rec. self-study hours: 126

  Area of Education: Technology

Main field of studies: Industrial Engineering and Management

  Advancement level (G1, G2, A): A

This course provides in-depth knowledge and skills in methods and theoretical approaches to customer-centric products and services development. After the course the student should be able to:
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of statistical as well as qualitative methods to collect, process and draw conclusions on customer requirements
  • Apply an engineering systems perspective in the implementation of decision support for development processes and projects
  • Understand how the handling of customer requirements can be integrated into industrial product and service development processes
  • Apply different theoretical perspectives on the concept of innovation, and understand how users of services and products may contribute to innovation
  • Use Quality Function Deployment to translate customer requirements into technical product characteristics and requirements on production processes
  • Analyse the interaction between man, technology and organization in a product and service solution
  • Evaluate the choice of method for involving the user, and make decisions according to findings
  • Identify, utilize and critically analyse scientific literature in the field.
  • Use the course methodologies in the implementation of a development project and communicate the results

Prerequisites: (valid for students admitted to programmes within which the course is offered)
Mathematical statistics, Quality Management and Engineering

Note: Admission requirements for non-programme students usually also include admission requirements for the programme and threshhold requirements for progression within the programme, or corresponding.

Supplementary courses:
Six Sigma Quality, Quality and Process Development, Lean production

The theoretical elements of the course are undertaken in the form of lectures and workshops. The course has a strong research connection and scientific papers represent a significant part of the literature. The course is based on the active participation and to provide course practical skills, knowledge is applied in three different projects carried out in groups and individually. In addition, guest lectures will illustrate industrial cases.

Course contents:
Product development processes, Stage gate models, Quality function deployment, the Kano model, Service innovation, Service recorvery, Voice of the customer, MTO, Crtitical Incident Technique, Swtiching path analysis

Course literature:
Gustafsson, A. and M.D. Johnson (2003). Competing in Service Economy
Other material will be provided on the course homepage

Various assignments and participation in a laboratory exercise.
The course is organized around lectures, seminars and workshops in which important issues are presented and discussed. The examination of the course is based on assignments (2 group assignements and 1 individual) and participation in a literature seminar.

Course language is English.
Department offering the course: IEI.
Director of Studies: Björn Oskarsson
Examiner: Elisabeth Johansson
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Course Syllabus in Swedish

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