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Technology Management, 7,5 ECTS Credits
COURSE CATEGORY   Single Subject Course
MAIN FIELD OF STUDY   Science, Technology and Society - TSE
Students taking part in this course acquire insights into the management of technology in comparative economic systems.
They address theory, research and practical questions relating both to the management of technology within firms and the wider impacts of innovations on the economy - such as the consequences of innovation for productivity, employment and growth.
Students examine a broad range of material related to innovation in firms, but focus especially on new and/or radically changing technologies and areas of knowledge.

Knowledge: Innovation, Technology and Science
This section will address questions about innovation and knowledge development, such as the differences between scientific versus technological knowledge, firm learning, and the relations between technically novel products and economic success.

Management of Technology
This section will address questions relevant for the management of technology, particularly of radically new or quickly changing technologies and products. An example is Ericsson's success with mobile telephony - compared to their previous products failures with computers research and development (R&D) on broadband width. This leads us into questions such as: should firms do their own R&D? How to identify longer term threats due to changes that can shake up a whole product area or sector.
Teaching takes the form of lectures and discussion seminars. Visiting scholars and practitioners in business or public organisations may also give guest lectures.
Written examination and active participation in seminars. In addition, all course members are expected to participate actively in seminar discussions.

Students who have failed an examination are normally allowed to retake it on two additional occasions, one of which should be arranged shortly after the first examination.

Students failing an exam covering either the entire course or part of the course two times are entitled to have a new examiner appointed for the reexamination.

Students who have passed an examination may not retake it in order to improve their grades.

Documented knowledge of English equivalent to “Engelska B” (in the Swedish uppen secondary school) is required, for example international proficiency test, such as TOEFL, minimum score 550/213. Students must be in at least their third year of studies. The study should include at least two semesters of economics, political science or business.

The course is graded according to the ECTS grading scale A-F
Course certificate is issued by the Faculty Board on request. The Department provides a special form which should be submitted to the Student Affairs Division.
The course literature is decided upon by the department in question.
Planning and implementation of a course must take its starting point in the wording of the syllabus. The course evaluation included in each course must therefore take up the question how well the course agrees with the syllabus.

The course is carried out in such a way that both men´s and women´s experience and knowledge is made visible and developed.
Technology Management
Technology Management
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TEMA - The Tema Institute
Registrar No: 102/05-41   Course Code: HINX28      
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Subject/Subject Area : Science, Technology and Society - TSE          
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The syllabus was approved by the Board of Faculty of Arts and Science 2005-05-09