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Beginners´course in Swedish for exchange students, Level 1, 7,5 ECTS Credits
COURSE CATEGORY   Single Subject Course
MAIN FIELD OF STUDY   Övriga ämnen - ÖÄA
  COURSE CODE   714G05
Students should acquire a basic knowledge of Swedish and basic language skills with the emphasis on oral Swedish, as well as being acquainted with Swedish society. They should also acquire a knowledge of important basic grammar as well as a working vocabulary appropriate to the beginners’ level.
Pronunciation, Oral Exercises and Aural Comprehension, 3 ECTS credits
The course comprises tasks and exercises with the emphasis on being able to ask questions, and introduce, sustain and finish off a conversation.
The following elements are to be covered:
- the Swedish vowel and consonant system
- prosody
- aural comprehension
- oral exercises in the form of presentations, dialogues, discussions, etc.

Reading Texts, 3 ECTS credits
Intensive training of reading skills based on short texts connected with Swedish society and cultural life.

Grammar and Training in Written Swedish, 1,5 ECTS credits
The course deals with basic grammatical concepts and terms. Students study Swedish morphology and syntax and do short written assignments and exercises.
Tuition comprises class and group teaching, pronunciation and aural comprehension training in the language laboratory as well as study visits.

The various elements of the course are integrated. Attendance is compulsory. Homework and independent study are a necessary complement to the course.
The course is examined by means of a final exam and by means of continual assessment in conjunction with the teaching.


The course is intended for students with no prior knowledge of Swedish, who are either on an ERASMUS programme or from universities with which Linköping has a formal exchange agreement.
The course is graded according to the ECTS grading scale A-F
The course literature is decided upon by the department in question.
Planning and implementation of a course must take its starting point in the wording of the syllabus. The course evaluation included in each course must therefore take up the question how well the course agrees with the syllabus.

The course is carried out in such a way that both men´s and women´s experience and knowledge is made visible and developed.
Beginners´course in Swedish for exchange students, Level 1
Nybörjarkurs i svenska för utbytesstudenter, nivå 1
Department responsible
for the course or equivalent:
IKK - Department of Culture and Communication
Registrar No: 127/07-41   Course Code: 714G05      
    Exam codes: see Local Computer System      
Subject/Subject Area : Övriga ämnen - ÖÄA          
Level   Education level     Subject Area Code   Field of Education  
G1X   Basic level     ÖÄA   HU