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Tekniska högskolan vid Linköpings universitet

Courses for Exchange Students 2017

*) Courses that run over more than one study period
Study Period Course Code Course Name Course Level
ECTS Credits
Schedule Module
Vt1 TDDI08 Embedded Systems Design G2 4 1 Lkpg
Vt1 TDTS04 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems G2 8 2 Lkpg
Vt1 TDDB68 Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems G2 6 3 Lkpg
Vt1 TDDD75 Effects-Driven Development and Human-Centred Design of Interactive Systems G2 6 3 Lkpg
Vt1 TDDD97 Web Programming G2 6 3 Lkpg
Vt2 TDDI11 Embedded Software G2 6 2 Lkpg
Vt2 TDDD12 Database Technology G2 6 4 Lkpg