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Valid for year : 2017
TMKT78 Product Development, 6 ECTS credits.
/Product Development/

For:   EM   IND   MEC   SUS  


Prel. scheduled hours: 48
Rec. self-study hours: 112

  Area of Education: Technology

Main field of studies: Mechanical Engineering

  Advancement level (G1, G2, A): G2

The main objective of the course is to give students an introduction to product development, which is an important industrial process with high impact on manufacturing performance etc. It is therefore very important for everyone, not just engineering designers and other directly involved in product development, to understand product development. It is also important to be able to participate in product development organizations as representatives of other functions in a business.
After completing the course the student will be able to:
  • know and describe the most central parts of product development as development processes, engineering design, preparation of specifications, concept generation, concept evaluation, prototyping and testing, product architecture, design, environment-driven and production -driven product development and patents.
  • attack a minor technical problem in a systematic way using general methodology for concept generation. From needs and requirements through functional analysis and solution generation to concept proposals .
  • in a small group, perform a minor concept generation project and both orally and in writing report such a project.
  • describe basic design principles of sustainable environmental development.

Prerequisites: (valid for students admitted to programmes within which the course is offered)
Knowledge equivalent to two years of study in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or a bachelor degree in another engineering subject.

Note: Admission requirements for non-programme students usually also include admission requirements for the programme and threshhold requirements for progression within the programme, or corresponding.

A series of lectures will introduce the theoretical content of the course and a smaller projects carried out in groups of approx . 4-5 students.

Course contents:
Different types of development processes and organizations , product planning , customer requirements and specifications , concept generation , concept evaluation , prototyping and testing, product architecture, design, environment-driven product development , production, adaptation and patents.

Course literature:
The course is mainly based on the textbook " Product Design and Development " by Karl T Ulrich and Steven D Eppinger , 5th edition , McGraw-Hill , 2012, ISBN 978-007-108695-0 . Additional literature may be provided during the course.

Written examination
Product design project

Course language is English.
Department offering the course: IEI.
Director of Studies: Mikael Axin
Examiner: Jonas Detterfelt
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Course Syllabus in Swedish

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