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Water and Food Security: Key Concepts and Challenges, 6hp
Kurskategori Single Subject Course
Huvudområde Miljövetenskap - MXA
  Kurskod   746A13
Having completed the course, the student will be able to:
* Identify and describe current issues related to water and food security.
* Describe how land-use has implications for water resources, food production/security and environmental parameters.
* Apply key concepts for advanced analysis in the areas of water and food security.
* Discuss different approaches of Integrated Water Resource Management from an interdisciplinary point of view, and
* Competently communicate both orally and in text regarding water and food issues.
* Critically and scientifically assess problems related to water and food security by evaluating current scientific work.
The course focuses on the availability and demand for water and food in various parts of the world. The students will acquire a systematic view on the various roles and functions of water resources and food security in society and in the landscape. A major issue concerns the management and control of water resources through directives and institutional arrangements. The watershed is used as the study arena to focus on key concepts such as participatory modelling, entitlement approach and benefit sharing. Various cases falling under the framework of Integrated Water Resource Management will be studied and compared to find strengths and weaknesses in different contexts, including environmental impact, legal and administrative structures and norm systems. The course will relate to some of the major contemporary development initiatives and challenges. Conflicts, conflict resolution mechanisms, efforts to design development plans and human activities in various parts of the world and under different contexts will be discussed.
Lectures, seminars, workshops with presentations and individually written assignments.
The course is examined through written tasks, oral presentations and active participation in seminars.

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Documented knowledge of English equivalent to "ENGELSKA B" is required, or an international proficiency test, e.g. TOEFL, minimum score 550/213. iELTS: at least overall score 6.0. To be eligible to the course the student must have fulfilled 120 ECTS where of at least 90 ECTS in fields as environmental science, water resources, geography, economics, social anthropology, political science, hydrology, engineering, chemistry, history and biology or equivalent.
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Water and Food Security: Key Concepts and Challenges
Water and Food Security: Key Concepts and Challenges
Kursansvarig är: Tema - Institutionen för Tema
Dnr: 127/07-41   Kurskod: 746A13      
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Ämne: Miljövetenskap - MXA          
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