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Political Science 1, 30 ECTS Credits
COURSE CATEGORY   Fristående kurs
  COURSE CODE   733G01
After having passed this course, the student will have acquired the foundations for a critical, scientific outlook on political issues and phenomena. This is expressed by the student being in possession of basic knowledge of the development and main branches of modern political science, of the history of political ideas and essential problems in political philosophy, of significant actors and structures of public policy in Sweden and other countries and in international politics. The student furthermore possesses elementary knowledge of the methods and techniques of empirical as well as normative political science, and is acquainted with frequently used empirical sources and how information resources for political scientists are organized. The student has acquired a basic ability to evaluate and analyze different forms of political science sources, and to reflect in oral and written discourse on empirical as well as theoretical problems in political science.
Introduction to the study of politics, 3 ECTS Credits

This course addresses the development of the modern study of politics and political science as an academic discipline from the viewpoint of scientific ideals, fundamental concepts, methodology and subject matter. Basic issues concerning the reading and production of texts in political science are discussed. Principles for handling sources and documentation are introduced and applied.

Political theory, 6 ECTS Credits

This course attends to classical as well as modern political theory. Particular emphasis is put on reading a selection of classical texts. Fundamental concepts and ideas of modern political theory are also highlighted.

The Swedish political system, 7,5 ECTS Credits

This course deals with Swedish politics and government with a view to processes at local, regional and national level. Particular attention is paid to the development of Swedish political history, and the interaction between politics and government. The course focuses on distinctive features of the Swedish political system and how these are related to essential ideas of political theory.

Political systems i comparative perspective, 6 ECTS Credits

This course builds on knowledge acquired about the Swedish political system by relating Swedish conditions to the politics and government of other states. The course focuses on theories and models of government and their analytical applications as well as different comparative methods. The politics, structure and government of the European Union are also important elements of the course. Explanatory frameworks which emphasize economic-political contexts in comparative perspective are taken into consideration.

International politics, 7,5 ECTS Credits

This course addresses basic concepts and theories of international politics as well as historical and contemporary phenomena in international politics, e.g. the UN-system, international security and international cooperation.
The course offers lectures which introduce and develop the content of the course. Lectures are complementary to the literature. Seminars are an important aspect of the learning process and provide opportunities for mutual, critical discussions which develop attitudes and skills. Students are expected to be well prepared for lectures and to have completed assigned preparations for seminars. Students are expected to read and take in the literature independently and/or in self-organized reading groups.

Activities which constitute elements of examination are mandatory.
The course is examined by means of written examination at the conclusion of each part, and through active participation at seminars and written home assignments.

Students failing an exam covering either the entire course or part of the course two times are entitled to have a new examiner appointed for the reexamination.

Students who have passed an examination may not retake it in order to improve their grades.

The course is graded according to the ECTS grading scale A-F
Course certificate is issued by the Faculty Board on request. The Department provides a special form which should be submitted to the Student Affairs Division.
The course literature is decided upon by the department in question.
Planning and implementation of a course must take its starting point in the wording of the syllabus. The course evaluation included in each course must therefore take up the question how well the course agrees with the syllabus.

The course is carried out in such a way that both men´s and women´s experience and knowledge is made visible and developed.
Political Science 1
Statsvetenskap 1, grundkurs
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