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Leadership and Culture, 7,5 ECTS Credits
COURSE CATEGORY   Singel Subject course. The course is also a part of the Business Administration and Economics Programme
MAIN FIELD OF STUDY   Business administration - FÖA
  COURSE CODE   722G24
On completion of the course the student should be able to
- show knowledge and understanding of leadership and culture in an organization
- describe the specific theoretical approches for understanding of effective leadership
- discuss key topics of leadership in a Scandinavian business cultural context
- analyze different trends of leadership how that appear in different business contexts
- be ready to apply the content of leadership and culture into specific situations
The course will focus on aspects such as: the concept of culture of nations as well as in organizations and theories and practice of leadership. Different perspectives and variables on culture will be introduced in order to provide an understanding of driving forces in organizations. Management styles and behavior will be targeting through research on leadership and culture and how that can be viewed from different international contexts by using a Scandinavian perspective. Other topics will be included such as:
- Teambuiling and team performance
- Power in and around organizations
- How to built commitment and stimulate motivation

The course consistes of lectures, seminars and workshops. The students have to work in teams both for preparation of cases and for presentation of the group discussions. Team activity is an integrated part of both the the aim of the course and for understanding of the business world. Language of instruction: English. Litterature reading.
Throughout the course lectures, workshops and case seminars will be held, which require student’s active participation, as regards both written case study reports and discussion during the seminar. There will also be an individual written exam.

Students who have passed an examination may not retake it in order to improve their grades.

See general information. At least two years of undergraduate studies, one of which must be in a discipline relevant to the course.
The course is graded according to the ECTS grading scale A-F
The course literature is decided upon by the department in question.
Planning and implementation of a course must take its starting point in the wording of the syllabus. The course evaluation included in each course must therefore take up the question how well the course agrees with the syllabus.

The course is carried out in such a way that both men´s and women´s experience and knowledge is made visible and developed.
Leadership and Culture
Leadership and Culture
Department responsible
for the course or equivalent:
EKI - Department of Management and Economics
Registrar No: LiU-2008/00111 och 1331/06-41   Course Code: 722G24      
    Exam codes: see Local Computer System      
Subject/Subject Area : Business administration - FÖA          
Level   Education level     Subject Area Code   Field of Education  
G2X   Basic level     FÖA   SA