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Bioethics, basic course, 15hp
Kurskategori Single Subject Course
Huvudområde Tillämpad etik - TEE
  Kurskod   721G09
On completion of the course, students should be able to
- acquired basic knowledge of concepts, theories and problems within the field of bioethics,
- have acquired some ability to analyse problems in bioethics,
- have acquired some ability to argue for a standpoint of their own regarding a few bioethical issues,
- demonstrate an open and critical attitude.
Bioethics can be defined as the study of ethical problems raised by the life sciences. Important areas are biomedical ethics, clinical ethics, biotechnology ethics and animal ethics. The course focuses on problems related to, e.g., genetic testing and gene therapy, clinical encounters, end-of-life situations, resource allocation in health care, animal experimentation and genetically modified food. Cases as well as theoretical arguments are discussed.
In the course students read and analyse texts, participate in group work, write papers and are actively involved in seminar discussions. In addition, lectures and guest lectures are offered. Work with web resources and visits at workplaces outside the university may also be provided.
Active participation in seminar discussion is expected of the students. The course is examined by writing a paper. Students who have failed an examination are normally allowed to retake it on two additional occasions, one of which should be arranged shortly after the first examination.

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At least one year of undergraduate studies. Documented knowledge of English. This means a TOEFL-score of at least 550 (213 for the computer-based test) or an equivalent test if your native language is not English. For Swedish residents, "Engelska B" is required.
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Bioethics, basic course
Bioethics, basic course
Kursansvarig är: IKK - Institutionen för kultur och kommunikation
Dnr: 127/07-41   Kurskod: 721G09      
    Provkoder: (se förteckning i LADOK)      
Ämne: Tillämpad etik - TEE          
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